Here are answers to common questions! If you can’t find your answer here just Contact me 🙂




WHAT ON EARTH DO I MEAN BY ‘CANVAS PRINT’?? : My canvas prints are all rolled in tubes, so are Not framed. They are Archival quality Giclee prints made using the latest in art reproduction technology  printed on the finest quality canvas. They have an extended edge which means the image continues around the side of the frame when stretch framed. View close ups below:





HOW SHOULD I HAVE MY CANVAS PRINT FRAMED? I recommend you take your print to your local framer and have it ‘Stretch Framed’ (as shown on the left) which is a very common way people frame canvas prints and is the same way I frame my originals. If you have seen my works hanging anywhere, this is how they are framed. You cannot see the frame as the canvas is stretched over the wooden bars and fixed at the back (the print image continues around the edge as mentioned above). You can also frame the work traditionally with a visible frame and even a mat (this actually looks great especially if you are wanting to tie it in perfectly with your other decor or make the print larger overall), you don’t even need costly glass as the prints have a UV protective coating (however, as with anything please do not hang in direct sunlight to avoid fading over time).


CANVAS PRINT CARE: Firstly, do not hang in direct sunlight. Although my prints have a UV protective coating, nothing can withstand direct sunlight over time (especially NZ sun!). If flies have had a party on the print you can simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and a small amount of dish wash liquid if needed, the protective coating is hardy for cleaning.


HELP! I DENTED MY CANVAS PRINT!! Noooo worries! In almost every case the print will spring back to it’s original form if you gently wipe the back with a damp cloth/sponge. It should spring back within a few hours. I have even seen prints spring back without dampening the back!





HOW CAN I GET $40 OFF MY NEXT PRINT ORDER?! Yay! I’m glad you asked. If you post a nice picture on Instagram or Facebook of your print purchase within your decor and tag me in it @rebekahcodlinart and use the hashtag #rebekahcodlin40 I will message you with the discount code! I might even ask if you would be happy for me to use the photo in my online marketing, only with your permission of course.







HOW I PACKAGE: All unframed prints are sent in rigid postage tubes with additional protective wrapping around print and at both ends. Framed paper prints are wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and sandwiched between rigid cardboard before being wrapped in several layers of cardboard roll. All will include Fragile tape. You address and phone number will be written on the front along with my address and phone number. If you are a NZ customer and would like a receipt please specify. Receipts are always included in overseas orders for customs clearance purposes.


TRACKING: All purchases are trackable. If you would like your tracking number just email me and I will reply with it.


GIFT WRAPPING?: I offer FREE gift wrapping! Just let me know if you would like it, and if you would like a specific name tag at checkout. I can also post the print directly to your loved one if you let me know.


REPLACEMENT/REFUND POLICY: If you receive your purchase damaged, please contact me with photos of the damage within 14 days of receiving your purchase and I will happily send you a replacement or refund.