Rebekah specializes in capturing the absolute likeness of her subjects, aiming to represent the inner person with sensitivity and detail. Priority is placed on commissions for official portraits for institutions, organizations, companies and the like in Australia and New Zealand. Rebekah bases these paintings on photographs she takes herself, and so minimal sitting time is required. If you are interested please get in touch.

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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Presidential Portrait, Sally Langley.

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A collection of testimonials from my clients around New Zealand and internationally who have bought paintings, prints or commissioned a portrait.


“I tend to be quite emotional so there is a tear or two.
I am overwhelmed by your depiction of me. You have captured the best of me, the part I really like – not the pre-occupied, over-responsible part of me which I value but I would not want to look at each day as I could not smile at it, and I can smile at the lady in the portrait. It is a strange experience having a portrait painted! I held it together at the ‘unveiling’ but not later on.”-Sue, Australia. Portrait of herself as commissioned by her husband. 


“The portrait looks fantastic in our home. It really captures the “inner”  Sue, which I hoped you would do. Sue says you flatter her a bit but that is just modesty. Everyone agreed your work on the face wrinkles, eyes, and mouth, together with the arms, hands and hair, truly capture her on holidays and describes who she is.. Sue says she has to come to grips with this woman staring down at her and saying “I will be around long after you are dead!” I wonder who we will leave the portrait to in our will???Thank you so much for all your sweat and tears over this. I have truly appreciated my email relationship with you and our attempts to communicate accurately with each other. I think you are, and will be, a great artist……..and more importantly, a great person. The story of how we came across your work simply by having a coffee in Picton all those years ago, and me tracking you down, needs to be in a book someday.”-Michael, Australia. Portrait commission of his wife Sue.


“I just wanted to let you know, I have received your beautiful drawing! I absolutely adore it! Thank you so much, for taking the time to get even the small details perfect, you are incredibly talented and I am so excited to get the drawing framed so I can put it up (:
My trip to India last year was life changing, some of the things I saw and experienced can never be described fully; however having my favourite photo and one of the most special memories created into such a beautiful piece of artwork reminds me every day of the things I learnt over there; and although I can never describe to anyone what India was like, this drawing helps to give other people just a glimpse into those who live on the other side of the world, in complete poverty. This piece of art is incredibly close to my heart, so thank you! “– Ruby, NZ. Drawing of a small boy from her trip to India. 


 “For me that is the most beautiful and mesmerizing painting i have ever seen and i really badly want to have it. It somehow eases my mind and really makes me unspeakably happy to look at. I think i just love it! Due to my very bad English i don’t find the right words to express the meaning it has to me since i beheld it at the first time, and also the second and third time i came into the cafe only for watching it, before the ferry was leaving much to early, concerning this matter.” -Jan, Germany. Print of my first full colour portrait ‘Charlotte’, painted aged 17yrs.


Hi Rebekah!!!  We received your beautiful pieces in the mail last week (I was out of town) and they are spectacular!!! You are so talented, don’t ever give up your painting!!  I hope that you have a chance to focus in the coming years on your work and continue to create these masterpieces….I’ll send a photo with them on our living room wall so you can see how incredible they are 🙂  Every time I look at them, it takes me right back to Picton, your house, and your family!  An amazing experience, thank you so much!!  Let me know if you want to come to Carmel this summer, would love to have you! -Gail, Dallas and Carmel CAL USA. Print of Journey original drawing ‘Home Time’ painted 17 yrs.

We have the print & it’s up on our wall in our open plan lounge/dining/kitchen.
I absolutely LOVE this painting.
While we don’t have the original painting( I would have bought it if it had been still for sale) I love the print.
Thank you for sending & signing this for me, it is & will be admired by all
As you know I own a hairdressing salon & I will be telling many of your talents. I opened the wrappings at work this afternoon & all were gobsmacked !!!!!!!!
Thank you again & again -Karen, Auckland